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Atlas Park Shrugged

We’re finally at the Atlas Park Hotel, our modern resort complex in the woods that they’ve chosen as WRTC Headquarters. The drive over at 11:30pm local time last night wasn’t as interesting as it could have been during the day, but I still managed to glean a few cues from our surroundings. An interesting bit [...]


I write this sitting at the WRTC Russia 2010 meeting point, just between Immigration and baggage claim but before Customs control at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. Immigration was easy – the officer glanced at my passport and landing card, checked the visa, stamped it and opened the gate – no questions, I was free to [...]

London, Day 2

We awoke very early the next morning, Tuesday. Jet lag was minimal, as we had taken the morning departure from Boston rather than the red eye. You loose an entire day travelling, but you don’t get completely whacked on the sleep cycle front. The Greater London area has over 7 million people, and similarly dizzying [...]

London Calling!

As I write this we’re jet-setting off to Moscow (once again in business class, sipping my British “lemonade” [its carbonated and clear here...] and listening to She & Him Volume 2), having left London Heathrow just over an hour ago on our BA 767. I have no idea what awaits me in Russia, though I [...]

Living the High Life

I’m sitting – nay, lounging – in my rearward-facing window seat in the Club World class of our British Airways Boeing 777. Would you believe that I’m in an airplane at somewhere around 40,000 feet in the air over Cork, Ireland? (or I was at the time I wrote this) OK, that’s pretty believable. Believe [...]

Onward to Europe!

We’re on our way to Boston Logan to fly British Airways to London for my second trip this summer – and I never stopped writing about the first! I’m a terrible blogger. Hopefully I’ll have more time to write about this trip. BUT, enough of that – this will be my first time ever outside [...]