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Transportation of a Different Sort

The title of this post could also be called, “I haven’t updated the blog in a while and I have a steaming pile of homework that’s forcing me to find ways to procrastinate and not do it,” but I feel that’s too long of a headline. I really like bike riding. This is not a [...]

The Fit is Go!

The debate wrapped up. The Subaru dealer had an intriguing used 2008 Honda Fit hatchback. Teal blue, a perlescent aquamarine. Not my color choice, but hadn’t I heard of this car before…? OH right! This was the American port of the Honda Jazz in Europe! (Fit in Japan and here, because, let’s just say Honda [...]

So…about the Subaru

As I alluded to earlier, my venerable 11 year old crystal white Subaru came to an untimely end. Last January, my “low oil pressure” light came on for the first time. So, I got it changed – simple. In March, I brought the car to the dealer for some unrelated service, and they said it [...]

Why, Subaru?

For reasons I will explain in a more in depth post later, my beloved white 1999 Subaru Legacy has met its maker, after such a brief but full life of 125,000 miles. She could have been resurrected, but $3400 for a rebuilt junkyard engine seems like too much for a car that already has suspension, [...]

Where’s Leslie?

If you’ve ever been curious what exactly my internship-employer does (I do quality testing for these guys), or given me a blank stare when I’ve explained our product before, here’s the perfect example. One of our employees, Leslie Baker, will be riding a bicycle 192 miles across Massachusetts from Sturbridge to Provincetown for the Pan-Mass [...]

London Calling!

As I write this we’re jet-setting off to Moscow (once again in business class, sipping my British “lemonade” [its carbonated and clear here...] and listening to She & Him Volume 2), having left London Heathrow just over an hour ago on our BA 767. I have no idea what awaits me in Russia, though I [...]

Off to Alaska!

Well, Seattle first anyway. I’m posting from my Blackberry as we’re screaming down the freeway to get to the airport in time for our Jetblue flight at 8:10. (Do you think my dad saying we should leave by 6:10 if its an hour to the airport? I have my doubts still.) Many people hate flying, [...]