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The World Needs More Smart Computers

Last night, I went to the Bank of America ATM nearest campus to deposit a check. It’s not a full banking center, but rather a small, unstaffed indoor cutout on a streetcorner that’s ATM only. I push my card into the slot, only to find that the machine hasn’t actually responded, and my card is [...]

Why do Computers Love Me?

For the past few weeks, three of the people who live in my apartment have had what I would call “computer issues.” Person A’s issue is the most basic: frankly, that she’s been able to survive two years of college so far without a personal computer – laptop, desktop, or otherwise. She’s now frustrated with [...]

Where’s Leslie?

If you’ve ever been curious what exactly my internship-employer does (I do quality testing for these guys), or given me a blank stare when I’ve explained our product before, here’s the perfect example. One of our employees, Leslie Baker, will be riding a bicycle 192 miles across Massachusetts from Sturbridge to Provincetown for the Pan-Mass [...]

I Just Got Served!

For just over a year, I’ve been “Web Editor” for Haverford and Bryn Mawr College’s student newspaper, The Bi-College News. I enjoy the journalism field, and I’m also a hard to come by technology geek on our two “liberal arts” campuses, so I naturally fit the bill to provide support for The Bi-Co’s technical infrastructure. [...]