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I Just Got Served!

For just over a year, I’ve been “Web Editor” for Haverford and Bryn Mawr College’s student newspaper, The Bi-College News. I enjoy the journalism field, and I’m also a hard to come by technology geek on our two “liberal arts” campuses, so I naturally fit the bill to provide support for The Bi-Co’s technical infrastructure. [...]

Why Doesn’t the News Industry Get It?

This afternoon when I was driving to lunch, a panel of journalists was talking on WGBH/NPR about the effects and changes “New Media” is having on the old print world. A couple of their assertions had me irked: The reader commenting systems on newspaper websites are revolutionary and allow reporters to connect with their audience [...]

London, Day 2

We awoke very early the next morning, Tuesday. Jet lag was minimal, as we had taken the morning departure from Boston rather than the red eye. You loose an entire day travelling, but you don’t get completely whacked on the sleep cycle front. The Greater London area has over 7 million people, and similarly dizzying [...]