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Back to the Grind

I’m feeling “reluctant” this evening. Today has been lots of fun, but this evening marks the “end” of Haverford’s weeklong Fall semester break. I’m reluctant to start thinking about homework and classes and “my life” again, particularly because this break was more eventful and I spent it in more places than I do normally – [...]

Why do Computers Love Me?

For the past few weeks, three of the people who live in my apartment have had what I would call “computer issues.” Person A’s issue is the most basic: frankly, that she’s been able to survive two years of college so far without a personal computer – laptop, desktop, or otherwise. She’s now frustrated with [...]

Transportation of a Different Sort

The title of this post could also be called, “I haven’t updated the blog in a while and I have a steaming pile of homework that’s forcing me to find ways to procrastinate and not do it,” but I feel that’s too long of a headline. I really like bike riding. This is not a [...]

I Just Got Served!

For just over a year, I’ve been “Web Editor” for Haverford and Bryn Mawr College’s student newspaper, The Bi-College News. I enjoy the journalism field, and I’m also a hard to come by technology geek on our two “liberal arts” campuses, so I naturally fit the bill to provide support for The Bi-Co’s technical infrastructure. [...]