I haven’t posted in a long time. We’re just going to accept this as a fact and move on.

I just read this article: http://slatest.slate.com/posts/2011/10/20/lisa_simeone_soundprint_freelancer_fired_after_npr_began_investi.html

I love NPR. I’m sure many listeners will be angry at this decision, and it might balloon into a similar (though no doubt smaller) controversy as Juan Williams’ firing last year. But even as a liberal, I agree and support NPRs actions here. (Note: I actually *disagree* with how and why Juan Williams’ was fired, which I might expound upon at a later date.)

NPR is one of the last news organizations I see that still subscribes to the “pure objectivity” Walter Cronkite-esque form of journalism. (Yes, you conservatives, NPR is one of the most objective and holistic media outlets we have in this country.) Them firing this freelancer for publicly politically participating is in line with that. NPR is saying, “Journalists should be no more than observers, never participants.” This objective “Cronkite way,” I feel, is dying. Huffington Post, Fox News, MSNBC, Rush Linbaugh – they are all substantially biased. They do, on the whole, seem to make those biases clear and are at least open about it, which is good for something. But I am very sad for the day, which I think is fast approaching, when we will no longer be able to get holistic, minimally-biased reporting on an issue in America. I think journalism can work well and keep a point of view, but I just wish that wasn’t our only option.