I’m feeling “reluctant” this evening. Today has been lots of fun, but this evening marks the “end” of Haverford’s weeklong Fall semester break. I’m reluctant to start thinking about homework and classes and “my life” again, particularly because this break was more eventful and I spent it in more places than I do normally – Woodstock, home, Haverford.

I thought up many things I want to write about over the course of this week, but for now I’ll give the highlight reel:

1. I visited my grandpa Gus’s the first weekend, with my mom and half-Uncle from Virginia. It was somewhat of an unplanned visit, but I experienced a lot that I wasn’t expecting to, and because of that I’m even more appreciative of the time I was able to spend in Woodstock, New York than I normally am.

2. I got accepted to study abroad in Barcelona! Exciting! That means I’ll be missing Haverford next semester. Scary. I’ll talk more about this later.

3. The trusty Blackberry kicked the bucket in my bike crash a few weeks ago. Microphone broke – kinda hard to use a phone without one of those! Solution: a shiny black Blackberry Bold 9650! Holy cow, does it make a difference! There’s more memory, so it doesn’t freeze up every hour like the old one did, it has a web browser that can actually render decently, and a camera!

4. I drove back to Haverford early this break (Thursday), because I have a kitchen in Quaker House and I felt like spending some time here without homework to worry about. I drove back in a huge awful rainstorm in Garden State Parkway rush hour. Funny, because on the way up to Woodstock I was just thinking about how much I loved cross country driving.

5. I got to visit old graduated friends at their apartment in West Philly on Thursday evening! That was fun and long-awaited.

6. I decided yesterday to do something I’ve been meaning to do forever: take the train into Philly on a day where I have nothing to do and all the time in the world, and just wander around and explore with no particular goal. I was in the city for 5 hours. It was blissfully amazing.

7. While in the city, on South Street I splurged and bought myself a new hat! A black, fur-felt, wide-3″-brim “Outback” with a cool cross-stitched band. It provides a nice foil to my beloved brown Indiana Jones fedora. I’m just a little bit embarrassed about how much I paid for it. Little bit.