We’re on our way to Boston Logan to fly British Airways to London for my second trip this summer – and I never stopped writing about the first! I’m a terrible blogger. Hopefully I’ll have more time to write about this trip.

BUT, enough of that – this will be my first time ever outside the Western Hemisphere! I’ve been all over North America, and I went to Brazil for WRTC 2006, but this is my first time over the pond. Thanks to my dad’s frequent flyer miles from business trips, my 6′ 3″ legs will be a bit spoiled with lay-flat business class seats!

You’ll notice I mentioned WRTC – what’s that? The World Radiosport Team Championships are sort of an “All Star Game” for Ham Radio contesting that’s been held every 4 years (ish) for about 20 years now. This year they’re being held near Moscow, Russia, which is where we’re headed. Ham radio contests vary in form, but the basic gist is to contact as many stations as far away as possible, in a set amout of time, usually 24 or 48 hours straight. There’s always geographic advantage in ham radio, and WRTC aims to mitigate that by placing all 50 internationally qualified contesting 2-operator teams within a few miles of each other. My dad is on one of the teams, I’m following for the ride. But this year I do have my own callsign, unlike Brazil.

Aside from Moscow, we have a stop in London for a day, and hopefully I’ll be able to write about that too. More soon!