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The Rewards and Challenges Of a Life of Blogging

I’m disappointed. I started this blog for a few reasons. One, I had a series of significant travel trips coming up, and I wanted a medium like a public “travelogue” to document my activities in far-off lands. I returned from Alaska last week, and I’ve been meaning to write up more on my experences there. [...]

Alaska Divide

Standing at the Alaska Divide in Denali State Park! Here is where the rivers north flow to the artic and the rivers south flow to the pacific. Who else has updated their blog from here?

Skagway Glaicer Post!

I am officially posting via helicopter from the Meade Glacier near Skagway, Alaska! Flew a helicopter up here. Been so busy, I’ve meant to write a longer post detailing our travels, but that might have to wait until we get to Denali and I have some time to settle. Very exciting!


We are officially in Alaska! Came ashore in Ketchikan today! Have cell service! On a duck now!

Campbell River

Making this post as we pass through the port of Campbell River, British Columbia! Got a line of sight to the cell towers so I can “DX” from the ship! How many can claim they’ve posted on their blogs while at sea? Cause I just did it!

Good Bye Seattle!

we’re on a coach bus on I-5 North headed away from Seattle, after spending about a day there. Jetblue got us in on time yesterday, we ate at a pretty good chicken and pork roasting place for dinner, and then went out galavanting in downtown Seattle – and went to the top of the Space [...]

Off to Alaska!

Well, Seattle first anyway. I’m posting from my Blackberry as we’re screaming down the freeway to get to the airport in time for our Jetblue flight at 8:10. (Do you think my dad saying we should leave by 6:10 if its an hour to the airport? I have my doubts still.) Many people hate flying, [...]

New Domain Name!

Hey all, Finally got the site registered under a real, bona-fide domain. Woot! I think it has a connotation of professional, but not too pompous. It is my name after all, and I’m not a pompous person.